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How the Current Lexmark and Impression Products Case Could Shape Future Industries

If you aren’t an analyst in the print industry then it’s unlikely that you have heard about the Supreme Court case involving Lexmark and Impression Products. Furthermore, it’s probably unlikely that you have even heard of Impression Products, which is completely normal considering that the company manufactures non-OEM ink and ...

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Greetings From San Diego... Wish You Were Beer!

San Diegans love beer. It’s a fact. It’s science. It’s irrefutable. Yes, we realize we’re already spoiled by the weather, and the beaches, and the laid-back vibe San Diego offers, but when you think about it, what goes better with all three of those things than a cold one?? Luckily for us, we happen to live in a ...

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Creating Our “Vacuum Lines”

Chores, most of us had them, and even more of us despised them. Growing up, I was no exception in my hatred of chores; except for when it came to one: vacuuming. I loved to vacuum. Vacuuming was far from an inconvenience for me, it was a joy. Each week when the household tasks were divvied up, I relentlessly begged those in charge to assign me ...

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Comparing Fitness Trackers: Garmin, Apple, and Fitbit

"Hey! You're wearing an unusually high number of watches," said the tipsy guy at the top of the stairs at the baseball game.  I laughed and agreed without trying to explain. I was on day 7 of my ridiculous-looking experiment and he was the first person to state the obvious instead of just staring awkwardly.

The Experiment


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Words with Herbs - Dwaine Smith


Dwaine Smith

How did you get to gap?

I was lucky enough to be born and raised in beautiful San Diego. After deciding I needed to finish school and join the “Adult World,” I tried my hand at several jobs that piqued my interest. I was a special education/statistics teacher at High Tech High Chula Vista. After my time in ...

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