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Lazy Salespeople - 5 Step Programs are 4 Too Many

Salespeople usually don’t have the best reputations and, as a salesperson, I can admit that we often deserve this lack of respect. For the most part, we’re motivated to make as much money with as little work as possible. I personally have a hard time finding any flaws with this philosophy and very proud of my single-digit golf ...

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Kids Wearables - An Untapped Market

Throughout the past two years that gap intelligence has tracked the wearables (smart wrist tracking devices that connect to your phone via bluetooth and/or wi-fi) market, I have noticed many trends of the category. Many products, styles and even manufacturers come and go. There are specific target markets that have tried and failed, and ...

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How to be more mindful and productive at work

If you are an avid gap intelligence blog reader, as I’m sure you are, you know what a great place gap is to work. All gappers are inspired to live up to gap’s 5 core values and contribute to the culture of the company. Not only do we have those 5 values driving us, but gap is genuinely invested in its employees as people and their ...

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Cooktops & Wall Ovens: Things to Keep in Mind Before You Buy

You did it. You’re finally taking the plunge. You’ve brushed up on the 5 Things to Consider When Purchasing Major Appliances and you’ve decided to go for that cooktop and wall oven setup. It fits that customizable criteria you envision for your dream kitchen.

With impeccable timing, you’ve arrived at this blog post where ...

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4K Product Magic in the Air

Recently picked up a new TV for 2018? Great work! Research shows that early months of the year are indeed the best time to purchase that new TV, and gap intelligence lists Super Bowl season among the year’s most strategic times for TV purchasing (Super Bowl-timed ads for TVs up 6% on-year!). Noting that gap intelligence’s latest ...

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