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gapAdvertising Trends - Category Spikes and Black Friday

A year ago this month, I took over the role of Ads Manager here at gap intelligence. During my time in this role, I’ve been able to get a behind-the-scenes look at advertisements (ads) for all of the categories that we track. I’ve noticed some interesting trends, such as the fact that the number of ads for appliances completely ...

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Innovation Driven

gap intelligence is always looking for ways to provide added value to clients. Last year, we launched two new services with Vacuums and PC Monitors. We similarly started 2018 launching Voice Assistance Speakers and Cooktops and Wall Ovens services, and we’re already working with several leaders in each of these categories.

Innovation is ...

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Words with Herbs - Mike MacDonald

1) Name

Mike MacDonald

2) How did you get to gap intelligence?

During my 5 year gig at Active Network, I was fortunate to cross paths with Michelle Monaco (then Michelle Nation). While we never found ourselves working directly on the same team, I got to know her as a friend and gained a ton of respect for her as a project manager and human ...

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Don’t be fooled by Advertisements

I’m one of the few people that still gets a newspaper thrown at their house every morning. On Sundays, the thud on my garage door is even louder as the paper is stuffed with advertisements from Best Buy, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc. Unless I’m in the market for something, the first thing I’ll do is throw them all in the ...

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Cognitive Bias, The Mississippi River, and You (and Me and Basically Everyone)

After nearly 4 years of working on the data team in the Research Group at gap intelligence, this year I was presented with the opportunity to transition to the product development team as an Associate Product Manager. I readily jumped at the chance to try on a new hat here at gap, to learn new skills, and to take advantage of this unique ...

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