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Super Bowl = Super TV Ads

I love football. I have since I was a kid growing up in a small town in Colorado playing pickup ball with the neighborhood boys and rooting for John Elway leading the Denver Broncos to back-to-back Super Bowls in the late 90’s. Speaking of the Super Bowl, most of us know that this year’s big game has come and gone, and that always ...

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Rides. Drives for Rides.

gap intelligence has a very special partnership with the Emilio Nares Foundation (ENF). ENF is a San Diego based nonprofit serving low income and underprivileged families as they navigate their child's journey with cancer. ENF founder Richard Nares' family's heartbreaking story always brings tears to my eyes. When Richard speaks of ...

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The Voice Assistant Speaker Market’s March Toward Maturity

Virtual assistants are creating new opportunities across the consumer electronics landscape, and smart speakers with built-in AI have proven to be a standout category for today’s industry. Adoption of these voice assistant speakers is an important component to consumers’ entrance into smart home ecosystems, and early-established ...

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Level Up Your Rails: 4 Things a Basic Tutorial Won't Teach You

Here at gap Intelligence, many of our applications are built using the Ruby on Rails framework. As a developer, I like Rails for its convention over configuration approach which gives it an accessible learning curve. Additionally, there's an abundance of free resources and online tutorials to help you get up and running quickly with ...

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Lookout: Great Freakin’ MAP and UPP Data

If ever there were a trivia night having to do with MAP/UPP pricing terminology or obscure seller names found on sites like Amazon or eBay, you would want me on your team. That’s because, as product manager for Lookout, gap intelligence’s new MAP/UPP enforcement service, I live and breathe those issues every day. Providing Great ...

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