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gap intelligence Goes Green: A Values-Led Company Commits to Sustainability

As gappers, we pride ourselves on our passion and being inspired by life. We are passionate about each other, our clients, and our community! We live a high five culture – we celebrate both personal & professional successes and most importantly we break for group snack attack every Wednesday morning. Following a successful team ...

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Click Here for the Surprising Truth About What’s Inside Your Smart TV

Yes, that title is a shameless grab for your attention, but now that you’re here I want to talk about something that affects a lot of new TV shoppers without their knowledge: the OS behind your Smart TV. When most people shop for a new TV, they think about things like screen size, price, and resolution. What most people don’t ...

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Old or New? It's All Relative.

Human preferences are often fickle. Yep, I said it and I believe it because in my short 10 year career working at gap intelligence and watching many markets from paper to smartphones, I have seen consumer preferences go through a similar cycle. There is a saying that we always want what we don’t have – you know, if you have straight ...

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Bigger & Better: The Fifth Annual Drives for Rides

At gap intelligence you see it everywhere, we are a values-led company. It is on our website, our email signatures, our facebook, heck we even have a Value-Sled. Get it? But there is a big difference in saying we are values-led and actually leading by those values. If you aren’t familiar with our core values here at gap they are: ...

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What Makes a Healthy Developer?

I was fortunate enough to attend RailsConf 2017 in Phoenix, AZ. Me and my friend-fellow gapper Eugene spent three days listening to keynotes, attending different sessions and participating in various workshops. While there were many great topics and speakers, one of the most talks I found most impactful was about (surprise) developers ...

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