SalesDrive powered by gap intelligence is the latest addition to our TCO suite of decision-making solutions. It’s our most robust, and powerful tool geared for Managed Print Services yet and comes with an abundance of features and functionalities designed to simplify the complex MPS sales process. Here are 13 pretty awesome reasons why you should subscribe.


  1. Completely Customizable

    • We know that no two users have the exact same workflow. One important part of SalesDrive is that it is the best tool for many different ways of working and can be fully customized to your business and how you specifically tackle the MPS sales process.
  2. Cloud-based

    • When you spill coffee on your laptop and it stops working, have no fear, your work will not be lost. SalesDrive can be accessed from any laptop or desktop, anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection, the URL, and your login credentials.
  3. GreenIT Calculation

    • With SalesDrive, you can quickly and accurately measure a customer’s environmental impact including CO2 emissions, energy costs for hardware and consumables, and process costs.
  4. Powered by GFD

    • gap intelligence’s GFD fuels SalesDrive. If you don’t know what GFD is, you should. It’s the greatest freakin’ data available and the only data in the industry that you can trust. Updated on a weekly basis, our data goes back 20+ years so you will never have to manually enter your customer’s dinosaur-like products.
  5. Transparent, True TCO Calculation

    • Hardware. Depreciation. Consumables. Leasing. Maintenance. Rentals. Energy. Paper. On-demand repair. Per page. Discounts. Margins. Overages. Process. Oh my! I could go on. You name the cost, it can be included in the TCO calculation. And the best part, you can easily see a breakdown of how each number is impacting the final result.
  6. YOUR Reports

    • Does it take days to create a report each time you want to propose a solution to a customer? Why not just import that template into SalesDrive and push a button to generate the updated report? SalesDrive can produce nearly any Word, PowerPoint, or Excel report and standardize it across your company so that any user can easily generate with the click of a button.
  7. Automatically Match your Customer’s Products to the Database

    • Stop spending hours trying to figure out what products make up your customer’s current state. Let SalesDrive do the work for you. After importing your customer’s fleet information, SalesDrive will use behind-the-scenes logic to intelligently map the Stls 82 to the Epson Stylus C82. Of course, if you’re pining for manual labor you can always re-assign the products yourself.
  8. Offline Capturing and Plotting

    • When most of your customers work in giant concrete boxes not conducive to WiFi, have no fear. Your SalesDrive subscription comes with access to our iPad app, CaptureIT, which lets you capture and plot devices online or offline.
  9. Unlimited Project Management

    • Create, manage, and propose any number of projects with SalesDrive – there’s no limit. And since you’ve become more efficient due to the other 12 reasons on this list, you have more time to target more business. Who doesn’t want shortened sales cycles, improved productivity, and increased revenue?
  10. Maps and Visualizations Galore

    • Import, scale, and name a customer’s floorplan? Check. Plot your customer’s devices? Check. Graphical breakdowns of the current state? Check. But how about that future state? Checkcheck. Supervisor wants to be plotted on the map? Check. Plants in the way of Sally accessing the closest MFP causing the utilization rate of that product to decrease and you want to show this to your customer? Check!


  11. Personalized, Pre-configured Library of Devices

    • If you want to ensure that your users are only proposing devices/pricing/margins that you offer, SalesDrive allows you to create your own portfolio of custom built products. This also comes in quite handy when creating the Future State. Pre-configured products + your pricing + your margins + SalesDrive = trustworthy and easy Future State creation = $$$ in your pocket.
  12. Ongoing Support

    • Whether it’s for signing up, training, questions, building custom reports, or chatting about the beautiful San Diego weather, we’re here for you. Just drop us a line or email.
  13. Revenue not sent to your Competition

    • gap intelligence is the world’s most respected business intelligence and platform company not owned or affiliated with any OEM manufacturer. This goes for SalesDrive as well. ‘nuf said.