It’s the time of year again… the beginning!  And with the beginning of the year comes excitement, resolutions, and a goal for this year to be better than the last.

Personally, I totally forgot it was a new year and have been carrying on business as normal.  However, after I realized I had to start writing 2013 on my checks instead of 2012 I have made a resolution to use reusable water bottles, coffee mugs, and grocery bags!

To see how the rest of the gappers felt about 2013, I took a trip around the office and asked a few questions.

Q: What is your favorite part of a new year?
Erin: The hope that it brings that this year will be better.  Also, I like the     feeling of a fresh start!

Michael: That I am about to have a girl!

Kendra (Avid Denver Bronco fan): Usually, the NFL playoffs but maybe not this year!

Bets: Champagne and sequins!

Deirdre: The long break before New Years.

Q: What are your resolutions?

Nicole: 1. To take advantage of San Diego more.
2. To be able to do a handstand in yoga

Kyle: To get drunk no more than once a week.

Katie: To always send Thank You notes.  Drink more water.

Mike:  To take more risks and begin learning a new skill every other month.

Q: Do you think you will keep your resolution?

Seems like gappers are optimistic going into 2013!  Maybe we should check back in around March!