Among the many perks of working at a place like gap intelligence, where employees are valued as individuals and treated as respected team members, is that a big change in your life doesn't necessarily have to mean big a career change too. Recently, my family and I moved from gap intelligence's home base of San Diego, California to a small mountain town outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. With such a huge shift in locale and culture, I am thankful that gap intelligence has allowed me to continue working remotely from my new home. To be honest, this move has presented many challenges and daunting tasks to overcome, and my experience working at gap intelligence over the past seven years has prepared me to handle most with relative ease. It amazes me how our work life and home life intertwine. 

My family on moving day

Hurry up and wait…

For instance, one of the challenges of moving to a new state is of course obtaining a new drivers license. But first I had to get a duplicate California license because I misfortunately lost mine on the last trip to look at houses (oops!). Getting a timely appointment at a Southern Califiornia DMV is no easy task. Even with my appointment, I waited for quite some time. So what does a gap intelligence Printer Data Specialist do while waiting around at the DMV? Check out the fleet of printers they use of course. The location I went to could definitely use an upgrade, they are using some pretty darn old machines. I'm sure this contributed to the long wait times, as I saw many jam and cause general mayhem for the workers. I briefly thought about suggesting a few good upgrade choices, based on our GFD (great freakin' data), but then quickly thought better of bringing up any topics that might extend my lovely stay. I wonder what models the local Utah DMV is using in comparison.

my copilot

Where did that come from?…

Another big challenge with our move was timing. I seriously underestimated the time it would take to pack up the home we have lived in for the past 18 years. We found things I had forgotten or even existed. Cleaning out 18 years worth of living, in 100 degree San Diego summer heat, is a long and exhausting job. Luckily gap intelligence offers the flexibility I needed to extend the time for my move, and several of my fellow gappers stepped up to offer some help in getting my work complete so I needn't stress. When we finally arrived at our new home, we were rewarded with cooler temperatures and a nice thunderstorm every afternoon for the first week, definitely a welcome change! When I finally got my office set up and running, I was able to pick up right where I left off thanks to my awesome fellow gappers. The gapper tribe is truly amazing and unique.

Our caravan

A change of pace…

I am truly thankful for gap intelligence and our company culture that has allowed my family to fulfill my wish to get back to the mountains and have my kids experience a different style and pace of life!

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enjoying our new locale