Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas Eve to all! December is always an exciting time of the year for gappers; the gap fantasy football league playoffs, the infamous holiday party, finishing up the end of the quarter, and let’s not forget the wonderful last few work days before Christmas followed by a week of vacation! In my second installment of a gappy tumblr blog, I will focus on all the fun gappers have in this crazy month!

At the start of the month, when everyone is getting the Christmas spirit and I’m not ready yet, I’m like:

But then it suddenly hits me that I’m super excited and I’m like:

During the company meeting when we find out we’re getting our holiday bonuses early this year, everybody is like:

When the end of the quarter sneaks up on me:

When a gapper’s precious bag of flaming hot Cheetos becomes mysteriously missing, they’re like:

Realizing I have to see my coworkers the day after my team loses an embarrassing football game, I’m all:

After waiting so long for my ECOM staging file to finish calc-ing, only to accept the fact that
I have to close it and try again, I’m like:

When I don’t have my backstage pass to get into the office, and I really hope someone will help me so I don’t have to walk to the front, I’m like:

How I respond when I realize its Hot dog Friday:

And when someone in the office doesn’t want to eat unhealthy with us, we’re like:

Realizing I still have another tab to QC is like:

When I need my manager to tell me I did a good job of pre-QCing the file before she gets it, I’m like:

Trying to stealthily take the last holiday treat from the snack attack table, I’m like:

And when I successfully get it I’m like:

All gappers getting ready to dress up super fancy for the holiday party were like:

When I couldn’t wait to get my Secret Santa gift, I was like:

When asked how it felt to get three awards at the holiday party, I was like:

But how I felt with my coworkers after I made a bold football statement in my award speech was like:

How it feels to win the gap fantasy football league:

How most gappers feel in the last few work days before Christmas…

But when we’ve successfully finished another quarter, it’s like:

Gappy Holidays, everyone!