In the spirit of the many tumblr blogs that I and many of my fellow gappers like to visit, I thought I might start my own gappy tumblr to show our readers how gappers (but more specifically, I) react to the ups and downs of a typical day in the office.

When I hear someone saying they’re going to Starbucks, I’m like:

When we get to Starbucks and there’s no line at 9am because the neighboring high school kids are on summer vacation, we’re like:

…but when they return, we’re all:

Whenever I attempt to change the water or make coffee in the office, it’s like:

Everyone’s reaction to me getting a vertical monitor was like:

How I feel when excel tries to correct a formula error:

…but when I try to do math without excel, I’m like:

My manager’s reaction when I go a little too crazy with the colors in an excel file is like:

When there’s actually room in the fridge to put your lunch, everyone is like:

My reaction to all the snacks during snack attack:

Whenever we head to Tender Greens on Tender Greens Friday, everyone is like:

My face after entering WSCA contracts all day is kind of like:

And then when I see the queue is full of at least 10 more contracts it feels like:

When someone says they need someone to play ping pong in the back with, someone always responds:

At the end of the day when I remember something I forgot to do, I’m like:

When a gapper is talking about my favorite football team and I want to listen to their conversation, I’m definitely like:

When I choose to work over the weekend to make up hours, I always think:

At the end of the quarter when everything is finished, my manager and I are always like: