Every Home Appliance (HA) retailer knows that people love a good deal. As a result, pitching HA special savings events around certain holiday periods has become the norm to catch the eyes (and dollars) of the everyday consumer. One recent example of this is Labor Day. This longstanding federal holiday originated in the early 1900’s as a way to honor and recognize the achievements of American workers. While observed annually on the first Monday of September, retailers typically extend HA special sales and promotions over the span of three weeks. This period usually begins towards the end of August and ends in mid September.

With such stiff competition, stores and manufacturers must strategize their HA advertising efforts to highlight their products in order to stand out. To achieve the same effect, what’s a better way to capture your eyes and attention (as a viewer to this blog) than creating a snazzy infographic! Labor Day is a major promotional period for appliances, so gap intelligence’s very own HA team created a quick recap to highlight the most recent advertisement activity during this key period. Continue below to see how national retailers fared.


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