It’s been about 20 days now since stepping foot inside our building at the heart of Liberty Station in Point Loma. Now it’s just a handful of steps to my desk and a virtual wave hello to my coworkers. A lot has changed in the world over the past two weeks, but as we stick to our mission, we are also sticking to our values. In the way that we face challenges, we stay true to who we are as gappers and continue to follow our values-led ways.

TRUST – Communicate like hell with positive intent
Now more than ever, communication is the key to working successfully when we cannot physically be together. We rely on Slack, Google Hangouts, and emails to be in constant communication, to ensure we are doing our best for each other and for our clients. We are vigilant in delegating point people to certain tasks in order to close the loop and to ensure we are following through with all the changes and responsibilities that need to be communicated. And because we are not always able to see facial expressions or hear vocal inflections when we are responding to messages, as gappers we assume positive intent from another to communicate effectively (or throw in an emoji or gif for safe measure).

group of people working together with computers, phones, and tablets

WILLINGNESS – Do your best, never stop learning
Although we would never wish ill upon anyone, this pandemic has given us much to learn about the world and how it reacts to a global virus. One of the biggest learning curves we are tackling is how do we obtain our retail pricing data when we are urged to stay at home and retail stores are closing their doors? As every day brings new challenges with COVID-19 updates, we are constantly learning, growing, and adapting to the world around us.

OWNERSHIP – Build a cathedral, not a wall
As the world changes, we must adapt to these changes also. As gappers we are all striving for a common goal of doing great for ourselves, our clients, and our community. Finding a point person is never difficult since each one of us is willing to be put in charge of a new task and to see it through until completion. More than ever, we are all embodying our core value of Ownership.

PASSION – Inspired by life
Although we are pressing pause on many normal functions of daily life, gap intelligence never fails to keep things interesting and inspiring. While many of our in-person events were cancelled due flattening the curve, that did not keep us down for long. Most of our events have gone virtual! We have virtual Wellness Wednesdays where we are led in meditation by one of our gappers to promote stress relieving techniques, virtual gappy hour where we bring our own “Quarantinis,” and online educational lunch and learns, just to name a few.

woman meditating surrounded by houseplants

PROFESSIONALISM – A+ work, don’t be a jerk
No matter what the world may throw at us, we do our best to continue providing GFD (great freakin’ data) to stay sticky with our clients. Our number one goal is to continue being a valuable resource they can depend on, especially during these trying times. We are here to help and we wish you all health and safety during this time.

Do you have what it take to be a gapper? We’re hiring! Head to our culture section to learn more about open positions. We’re conducting phone interviews as we work towards flattening the curve. We’re all in this together.