As a category owner at gap intelligence, one thing I’ve learned is that once you build a category, you grow quite attached to it. And honestly, how could you not? Once it gets the green light, it’s nonstop go time for three months. You have to collect the data and QC the data. You have to translate photos and gather site links. You have to make sure the category has a home in all our internal data systems. You even have to make sure its logo is top notch. It’s all these things and more (a whole lot more) that go into launching a new category. However, once you get to that finish line, you can’t help but feel proud when you’ve sent off the first gap intelligence Pricings & Promotions report. From that point on, you continue to work with the category everyday to ensure it's GFD (Great Freakin’ Data). So as cheesy as it may sound, I felt a bit nostalgic on April 2, 2019 when gap intelligence's Cooktops and Wall Ovens service officially turned one! To celebrate, I thought it would be fun to “Bring Data to Life” since that's what we do here at gap intelligence. Check out my infographic for a few highlights of what an entire YEAR of gap intelligence GFD can entail!

Infograph about Cooktops & Wall Ovens

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