Our home appliance team just recently expanded by adding Blenders as new category on November 1st. This is personally my third category build for gap intelligence and home appliances’ 11th category overall. The home appliance categories have grown exponentially throughout the years but this year especially due to the pandemic. Our clients want to know more about what appliances are important as our lives have shifted from always being away from home, to absolutely needing to stay home. Blenders was an exciting category to build and start tracking because they are such a key appliance to have in the kitchen. Keeping up with the new fads is essential, from blending your coffee or smoothies in the morning or even a nice evening cocktail, its important to own a proper reliable device.

Why Blenders?

Blenders are actually a household essential that has evolved into many different forms and uses. There are a few different kinds of product types that we are tracking including countertop, hand (immersion), personal, professional, and commercial. These unique forms are made to suit what the consumer needs whether its you, your family, or your business.
Aside from the normal countertop blender, brands such as NutriBullet, Ninja, and Magic Bullet introduced the personal blender which can also act as a small food processor. These 2 in 1 blenders make it convenient for your busy life and most importantly for your countertop space. Some blenders also include accessories to add a convenience factor for “on the go” travel so you can easily blend what you want, put a lid on it and go.

We also track Juicers as a subcategory since juicers and blenders tend to go hand in hand. There are two product types for juicers: centrifugal, which spins at a very high speed through blades to shred the food into pulp, and masticating, which is crushed at a slower speed and pushed through a screen. Both are made differently depending on if you prefer something slow and cold pressed or something quicker. We all know how much juicing has become a popular desire as people want to cleanse or use it as a meal replacement and that’s why this category was important to track.

Show Me the Charts!

Juicers and blenders quickly became a prevalent category that gap intelligence needed to track now more than ever and taking a look at product presence in retail was interesting to see between juicers and blenders.

It’s apparent from this data that countertop blenders have the highest product presence, however personal blenders are becoming more and more essential as many people want something smaller for their kitchen counters. Another thing that fascinated me was the low count of juicers in retail. Seems as though online is a more preferred method of purchasing juicers and retail is mostly spread through the top 5 retailers. Blenders Retail placement by brand and skuBrands such as Oster, Ninja, NutriBullet, and Hamilton Beach are all higher in product counts and spread across most of the major retailers. These brands share the various blender types in common. With Ninja being a more premium brand, it’s no confusion that they are one of the most vastly spread with Best Buy being its highest product count.

Our Latest Blend

I’m very excited that Blenders has launched adding another category to home appliances, as well as gap intelligence as a whole. But don’t worry, surely this isn’t the end of the home appliance builds as we’re looking to add many more kitchen and at home appliances to our portfolio.

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