1. Save your work frequently!!!

2. Always read the fine print. Especially when dealing with Fry’s Electronics’ ads ($390 BEFORE savings…)

3. Don’t procrastinate!

4. Be wary of leaving useful items at your desk, as there’s a good chance someone at work will use your pen/scissors/tape and forget where they belonged.

5. If you drink all the coffee, make more… or else!

6. Don’t forget to save your work!

7. Expect the unexpected and you’ll never be surprised.

8. Everybody likes face cake.

9. Don’t tell your coworkers you will go to the volleyball game and then not go because you got caught up watching Netflix. [Or lie…]

10. Avoid overindulging your feelings with coworkers. You may accidentally imply that you like a part of your job so much that you want them to give you way more of it.

11. Seriously, did you save your work?

12. Don’t be afraid to let your inner nerdy-ness out. Someone is always way, way nerdier than you.

13. If you bring your personal collection of rocks to work and then leave for 3 weeks, anticipate that someone may hide them from you with the intentions of sending you on a treasure hunt. But really the rocks will be hiding in a cup you never use behind your monitor.

14. Be proud of loving a different sports team, because if you’re lucky someone will eventually join the office that is as big a fan as you are (GO BRONCOS!!!).

15. Never let NEWMAN win. Ever.

16. Don’t leave food in the fridge to die.

17. Please, please, please tell me you saved your work…

18. Don’t mess with people’s chairs or files on their desktop. They get surprisingly irritated.

19. Always bring in pictures of cute things. Everyone will totally love it.

20. Remember: work hard, play hard.