In an abrupt reversal from its recent routine of layoffs, price increases, and rout-reductions, American Airlines recently announced plans to provide a valued amenity to its passengers.

The troubled airline will offer WiFi service on 15 jets during the next 6 months, targeting a $13 per flight price tag.

testing in-flight WiFi programs.

Reports indicate that tests have proven successful, but numerous concerns exist. Fuel prices have carriers across the industry on their collective heels and all are hesitant to add costs without proven demand.

Though American Airlines and its wireless providers claim that they have been able to provide connectivity that rivals neighborhood coffee shops, maintaining that bandwidth remains a major concern.

Given the financial status of the aviation industry and early stages of the recent tests, in-flight WiFi service is surely low on the priority list and far on the roadmap.

However, you can bet the farm that wireless connectivity will find a home on airplanes and just about every other location with a captive audience going forward.

In the mean time, I would settle for .

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