A couple weeks ago, gap made an appearance at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club to enjoy the San Diego summer and bet on some ponies.  People’s experiences with the race track ranged from first timers to experienced betters (Josh!).  Luckily, Josh held a gapU class the day prior to the races and filled us in on the rules of fashion, etiquette, and betting at the track.  A couple of Josh’s tips included :

1.       Dress to Impress

2.       You will (maybe) win money… and (definitely) lose money

3.       Trifecta’s are for suckers (but if you win, they will payout big!)

We met up with Natasha to ask her a couple questions about her day “where the turf meets the surf”


Question: Was this your first time at the races?

Natasha: No, I actually love going to the racetrack during the summer.  The atmosphere is great, the horses are gorgeous, and betting on horses makes the races exciting and fun.  I wouldn’t call myself an experienced better by any means, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it.  And this time with all the helpful tips and tricks from Josh, I felt like a seasoned handicapper walking up to the betting window.

Q: How do you pick which horses you are going to bet on?

N: Well, the night before the races I stay up late researching and making spreadsheets with the horses’ odds, fastest times, etc.  Just kidding!  Most of my choices are based on names, the jockey, and which horse looks a little feisty.  Watching the horses walk around the paddock is always amazing to me.  The horses are so big and strong!

Q: What was your favorite part of the races?

N: I really enjoyed getting out of the office and hanging out with my fellow gappers.  We definitely had a blast and it is fun to see everyone outside of the work environment.  Oh… and the $100 bucks I won on the last race on a random bet didn’t hurt either!

All in all, it was a fun day at the races and everyone enjoyed themselves.  Just one of the reasons why working at gap is AWESOME!