At gap intelligence, we know that trend analysis is crucial when considering product and price changes for entire line-ups down to individual products. Specifically, trends show where product features and prices have been and can pave the way for product evolution and better pricing adjustments. Since the ability to trend is such a valuable aspect to MFP-copier wholesale benchmark pricing, gap intelligence is excited to announce the addition of Pivot Tables to the H1 2020 Germany, France, Italy, and UK MFP-Copier Dealer Cost Reports. Pivot Tables within these reports will allow users to compare pricing for all tiers collected since Q1 2018 to the most recent report pricing, as well as trend individual product information to understand how products and families have evolved over time.

Trend Snapshots

Since the H1 2020 EU refreshes will not be available until March 2020, this blog will contain some sneak previews of trended product and wholesale pricing data. Below are some examples of the trending capabilities that will be available in the Germany, Italy, France, and UK Dealer Cost Reports:

A3 Segment 3 Workgroup Color MFP Standard Pricing

This trend shows four major MFP-copier manufacturers’ A3 Segment 3 Workgroup Color MFPs’ standard dealer cost changes over time for each country in Europe. Based on the trend, the standard dealer costs increased in UK and Italy (~7%-13%) but decreased in France in Germany (~4%-8%). Pricing in the  UK is fairly lower than in France, Germany, and Italy even after Euro conversion, however this is often the case for consumer electronics and IT pricing throughout Europe. Additionally the trend shows that while pricing for France, Germany, and Italy was varied in Q1 2018, standard costs are now nearly identical for these brands across all three countries.

A4 Segment 2 Small Workteam Color MFP Standard Pricing

Similarly, this trend shows standard dealer cost pricing for A4 Segment 2 Sm. Workteam MFPs between Q1 2018 and Q4 2019. Here the data shows that Germany pricing has increased the most at 14%; this was due in part to increased pricing for some brands and higher priced net new product additions for other brands. France and Italy remained fairly stable with only a 1-4% increase between early 2018 and late 2019. The UK was the only country to show a decrease in pricing, with a 6% decrease in standard costs over the time span (after Euro conversion).

SFP Percent Increase from Q1 2018 to Q4 2019

Switching our trends to product information, the above trend shows the evolution of single function printers (SFPs) in MFP-Copier dealer portfolios over time. This trend specifically shows the percent increase in SFPs vs. MFPs in all brands’ portfolios between early 2018 and late 2019. Per country, there is an increase of 3%-8% for SFP configurations. The most significant increase was seen in UK, which had 11% of its dealer portfolio include SFPs, and now has SFPs consuming 19% of the portfolio. Italy had the smallest increase of only 2%, but still had an increase in overall SFP configurations available to the dealer channel portfolio.

A4 Percent Increase from Q1 2018 to Q4 2019

Additionally, the amount of A4 configurations available in dealer portfolios overall increased in most countries in Europe. France, Italy, and the UK all had an increase of 1%-5% of A4 configurations available in dealer channel portfolios, while Germany had a negligible 0-1% increase in A4 devices. As of Q4 2019, manufacturers’ A4 devices represent on average approximately 38% of total dealer portfolios.

The Value of a Trend

The ability to trend product and pricing information is a valuable tool for any category, and can help guide future product launches and pricing adjustments. Pivot Tables are currently available on the MFP-Copier Report and US MFP-Copier Dealer Cost Report and will be available on the European MFP-Copier Dealer Cost Reports available in March & April 2020. For more information on using Pivot Tables within these reports or on the Dealer Cost Report service, please contact us at

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