Since today is April Fool’s Day, I decided to poll some of my fellow gappers on April Fools jokes!  We have a few jokesters here at gap (though not as many as I’d originally thought) so I took to asking the people the best April Fool’s joke they ever played on someone, or had played on them.  The answers I got are pretty humorous. 


Laura- Laura has an identical twin.  That pretty much just means they were born to play practical jokes on people, right?!  She once walked into the Delta Gamma Sorority House at her and her sister’s college and tried to see how many people she could trick into thinking she was her sister.  She said that it was a success and everyone fell for it.  The best part…once she got people believing, her sister jumped out from behind a wall blowing their minds since it wasn’t common knowledge that she had a twin!  Everyone died laughing!

Stacey – Stacey’s sense of humor dates all the way back to when she was in grade school.  She used to tell the teachers that she had a Dime and Pin for them (say “Dime and Pin” out loud and fast and it sounds like “Diamond Pin”).  Then she would hand them a box with a Dime and a Pin in it.  What a trickster!

Gary – Gary has a friend who got a new job in PR at The Container Store a while back.  Their main competitor was a company named Hold It.  Gary told his friend that he read this article about how Hold It was so amazing and that in comparison, The Container Store was really overpriced and not a very good company.  His friend got all worked up and told her boss and they asked him to fax over the article.  He faxed over a piece of paper that said “April Fool’s” and got his friend (and her boss) good!

Lisa – One morning a few years back, Lisa got a call from the boss of her boyfriend, Jeremy. He asked if Lisa knew where Jeremy was because he hadn’t shown up to work and it was really unlike him.  Lisa said that he left that morning as usual and didn’t know why he wouldn’t be at work.  His friend also called Lisa and asked if she knew where he was.  Obviously she still didn’t and was starting to get a little worried about him.  A bit later, Lisa got a phone call with really bad reception from Jeremy.  He said that he was in Mexico and was all disoriented and didn’t know how he had gotten there.  Then his phone cut off and she lost him.  Lisa was starting to freak out and called his boss back to let him know she heard from him and to let her know if he heard anything else.  When he answered, both Jeremy and his boss were on speaker and told her it was an April Fool’s joke.  Not very nice!

Melissa – Melissa pranked her dad several years ago.  (Back story: her car got towed the previous year when her dad’s name was on the registration and he had to come get the car out because they wouldn’t release it to her).   Well when she got her new car, her grandma’s name was on the registration, and she had just moved to Florida.  This year, she called her dad crying saying he was going to be so upset at her, and explained that her car had gotten towed again and that they wanted her grandmother to come down and sign for the car all the way from Florida.  HE WAS LIVID (her words, not mine).   After screaming at her for a bit, he hung up.  Then he called back eerily calm saying they were going to fly her grandma out and that she was going to be responsible for it, etc.  After he worked it all out, she came clean and told him it was just a joke.  He was pretty upset… but laughed and hung up on her!

Me – Last year my husband left in early March for deployment.  I emailed him on April Fool’s day (April 2nd his time, hoping to throw him off my trail) and told him we had a baby on the way.  He got really excited and freaked out but couldn’t get ahold of me because I sent it right before bed.  He went almost an entire day believing me and thinking about how he was going to miss out on everything before he realized that I was tricking him.  He laughed and was relieved that he wasn’t going to miss the experience of it all!  I admit, that wasn’t very nice of me, but at least he wasn’t mad. 

It’s midafternoon and thus far I haven’t heard of any jokes getting played around the office today.  But…there are still a couple of hours left in the work day, so watch out, anything can happen!