DskarinDanielle Skarin


The Who's Who of Agile Scrum

If you’ve been following our blog for awhile you probably already know that at gap intelligence we follow an Agile Scrum framework for the basis of all of our in-house product development. If you stumbled on this blog post because you were googling “Agile Scrum” or something of the sort, welcome! We’re happy to have you ...


Cognitive Bias, The Mississippi River, and You (and Me and Basically Everyone)

After nearly 4 years of working on the data team in the Research Group at gap intelligence, this year I was presented with the opportunity to transition to the product development team as an Associate Product Manager. I readily jumped at the chance to try on a new hat here at gap, to learn new skills, and to take advantage of this unique ...


Extreme Makeover: gap intelligence Edition

Winston Churchill once said, “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” I love this. I am forever rearranging our home to best fit my husband and my personalities, style, and of course to maximize the comfort of our fur roomies, Sweet Charlie Dog and Jonesy The Crazy Kitty. Since we are renters, for years I put off ...


gapGlossary: Get Hip With Our Lingo Yo'

At gap intelligence, it sometimes feels like we are speaking our own language. When you first arrive you will likely hear people throwing around all sorts of crazy words and acronyms like, “Upload your gfd into the gfdb and look out for bfd!” You will probably smile and nod as if you know what they are talking about, all the while ...


5 Things to Consider When Purchasing Major Appliances

As a member of the home appliance team at gap I am often asked by friends and family about which appliance they should purchase. While we definitely have more pricing and promotion data than most people could ever hope for, there are plenty of other factors to keep in mind when selecting a major appliance.

Start with budget

The best place to ...