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The Importance of Individual Country Analysis: An EMEA Dealer MFP Wholesale Pricing Comparison

When it comes to analyzing MFP dealer wholesale pricing for an entire region, it’s important to consider countries individually as country-level pricing can vary widely. For the past couple of years, gap intelligence has been collecting dealer wholesale pricing across nine countries in three regions including EMEA, America, and ...


gap intelligence Refreshed Italy Dealer Cost Price Analysis

Since 2015, gap intelligence’s MFP-Copier Dealer Cost Report has provided manufacturers with wholesale costs for US dealer channel MFPs/SFPs. This report provides competitive wholesale pricing for hardware, options, and consumables as well as dealer program details and hardware Pivot Table data to create dealer transfer price trends. Due ...


gap Snapshots and Super Bowl LII

For those who may not be familiar, gap Snapshots are something that we’ve added to our market intelligence reports to provide our clients with a quick look at data from our pricing & promotions reports that offers an interesting story or a unique perspective. We see them as a way to dive into the data without even having to open up an ...


Why You Should Want a Screen-less Reality

In today’s technology driven world, we spend a lot of time looking at screens. Unless someone printed this blog out for you, you’re even doing it right now. If you had to guess, how much time do you think  you spend staring at your computer or laptop? What about your smartphone? Or your TV and tablet? A 2015 British ...


How Big Data is Evolving our Data Analysis

There’s a good chance that if you are reading this blog or have been on gap intelligence’s website before you’ve heard the term “Big Data”. Today, data is inundating most work places. We have more data about anything and everything than we’ll probably ever know what to do with. Big Data applies to the ...