gap intelligence?s 1.2 mile move from 3300 Third Street to 701 C street is nearly complete. ?The desks are set, phone lines are in and all that is left is to wait for AT&T to give us the gift of DSL, which will hopefully be in just two short days.


DSL should arrive on the last day of 2008, which marks the end of an unprecedented year for our little company.

? The company has seen amazing growth as we moved into our old building with 9 employees and a team of contractors to 18 employees and an even bigger army of contractors.? Naturally, the growth that we have seen is through our longstanding relationships with our clients, whose own businesses have grown and required more support from gap intelligence. ?Additionally, our success is due to our people and it?s at this time of the year that we salute the efforts of our employees for all of their hard work.?

This year?s holiday party (read below) was a celebration of our good fortune and to toast a year filled with hard work, lots of fun, and the camaraderie of a team getting bigger and stronger. ?As part of the celebration, we give out the much acclaimed Kurosawa-san ? gap intelligence?s Oscar, given and cherished by those who have worked hard enough to be bestowed the award.?

This year?s Kurosawa-san Award Winners:

gap intelligence MVP ? Jake

The People?s Choice Award (elected by team) – Jake

Leader of the Year ? Sarina

Writer of the Year ? Jake

The Rock Award ? Michelle

Rookie of the Year ? Nicole

Can?t Live Without You Award – Katie

Part-Timer of the Year ? Lena

The Stealth Award – Aidan?

Quote of the Year ? Michelle

Grossest Food ? Owen

Best Dressed ? Nicole

Thank You Award ? Stacy