Some things seem to always remain consistent in sales (and in technology): be concise, get straight to the point, and meet people if you want the best chance of making a sale. Though my "get off my lawn” old man attitude may sound funny in today’s world of instant gratification and the electronic age, "old school" thinking in regard to sales still has a place with "new school" technology.

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but when it comes to sales, the new dogs need to learn that they are using the same tricks, just delivered in a new format.

Here are some of translations:

Past ("Old School")Present ("New School")
Telephone callEmail, text, LinkedIn Mail, Facebook post, Twitter/tweet
Folders & notes on paperCRM's such as Salesforce, Siebel, etc
Telephone booksLinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or your favorite search engine
Networking meetings, luncheonsSocial media platforms & blogs
Documents for signatureEmail or online vendor services

What Do The Two Sales Schools Have in Common?

Even though technology has changed, the basics are still there. In sales, you still need a process to articulate your product offerings verbally, interact with the client either by phone or face-to-face, and then show them the benefits and advantages that will make them want to work with you. One thing that will hopefully never change is that people buy from people that they like. For that, I believe that connecting directly is priceless.


The “new school” sales teams could benefit from getting out from behind desks and smartphones and hitting the pavement to interact with the people who will be signing the orders. Forming those relationships and bonds with your clients is what makes a successful salesperson.

On the flip side, the new ways of communicating and reaching out to potential partners expands our ability to connect. “Old school” salespeople can take a page out of the “new school” book and enhance their own skills of forming relationships with modern technology such as social media. At least it is clear to see that salespeople are evolving…at one time, older sales teams did not want to even use a computer – now that is even before my day!

MPS Sales Technology

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but when it comes to Managed Print Services technology, the old dogs must learn all the new technology tricks.

Here are some of the MPS technology translations:

Old School MPSNew School MPS
Manual processSalesDrive powered by gap intelligence
Print out floor plansImport electronic floor plans (jpegs)
Print configuration pagesData collection agents like FM Audit, Print Audit, etc.
Data into an Excel sheetElectronic import into SalesDrive
Stickers of units on floor planSalesDrive drag & drop graphical interface
Excel sheet of TCOgap intelligence's automated TCO tool, powered by our GFD
Future state (PowerPoint, Excel)Electronic future state design & pricing using gap intelligence's pre-populated portfolios of dealer's equipment & pricing models
Manual paper quarterly business reviews (restarting the whole process over again)Use SalesDrive by automatically updating with quarterly data

What Do The Two Technology Schools Have in Common?

SalesDrive powered by Gap Intelligence

The MPS process basics are still there to provide a solution. The “old school” sales teams could benefit from using the advantages that SalesDrive Powered by gap intelligence offers, utilizing technology to show a potential client how they can meet their company’s managed print goals. gap intelligence's SalesDrive tool (technology) helps MPS dealers convey professionalism while saving the client time & energy. The tool allows for immediate changes or updates during a presentation of findings without having to “go back to the office and make the paper changes”. SalesDrive also provides a customized solution proposal on the spot that will help clients meet their expected goals. Technology is a vital part of any “new school” MPS program and SalesDrive incorporated the old school process into a new school offering providing a more advanced solution.

Old School + New School = Professional Success!