Here at gap intelligence, we are constantly in the pursuit of knowledge, personal, and professional growth.  For those of us that are lucky enough to work here, it goes without question that gap intelligence’s culture fuels this fire.

This month, gap-University rolled out a brand-new program designed to flex our brain muscles while having a healthy office competition.  Without further ado, I am pleased to introduce Battle of the Books!

Rules & Regulations

  • The goal is to read as many books in the gapU library in one quarter as possible.
  • At the end of each quarter, whoever has read the most books will be awarded a top-secret prize.
  • Herbie is counting on everybody to follow the honor system! gapU reserves the right to administer pop quizzes at any time to test the knowledge retention of the readers.
  • Each time a gapper finishes a book, they can head over to Dean Dahukey’s office to claim a prize out of the treasure chest (hint: prizes become bigger and better the more you read!).
  • After each book completion, gappers will head over to the gapU library and tape their picture/avatar/name so that everybody knows who has read what.

A sample of the books that can be found in the gapU library are Jim Collins’ Good to Great, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, and It’s Not What You Sell, It’s What You Stand For  by Roy Spence.  Since we love to share information, gappers are encouraged to recommend additional books to inspire our fellow colleagues and to continue the growth of our library.  In fact, our Dev team was kind enough to create their own Battle of the Books wall and have provided a sampling of their top reads.

The reading and learning has begun! Check back throughout the quarter to see who wins the big prize and if you have any recommendations for your favorite reads, please send them over!