Hello there, my name is Chris Ortega and I am the newest employee here at gap intelligence. Today I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone by sharing with you what my interests and hobbies are.  This way if you see something that we have a shared interest in we can talk about it or go out and do one of them together.  If we don’t share any interests, hopefully you’ll still like me.  I’m always open to trying new things and feel free to share with me what interest you.

I’m really into music!  I’m not big into using exclamation marks but I will use one for that.  I haven’t checked my hard drive in a while for an exact number but I think I have like 10,000 albums on my computer.  I don’t have a favorite specific genre and I really do feel like I’m one of those people that listens to everything.  On any giving day I might download about 5 to 10 albums and they can range from hip-hop to black metal.  I enjoy going to shows as much as possible and my favorite venue here in San Diego is The Casbah.

Being active is another big thing for me.  I do Crossfit about 5 days a week and will occasionally do competitions.  I enjoy doing it for the community aspect and I feel that it actually resembles the mentality here at gap.  If anyone ever wants to try it, I encourage them to do so and let me know.  I’ll let you know about the free classes.  Other than Crossfit I used to be really into playing soccer and played on various club teams here in San Diego.  I would like to think I’m pretty good at it but I know I made it as far as I did because I’m fast.  If you see that sentence and are thinking about asking me to run a marathon just know it will take a lot convincing for me to do so.

This might be counterintuitive to fitness but, I’m a huge craft beer fan.  My favorite breweries are  Modern Times and Saint Archer.  My sister and brother-in-law also own a brewery called Barrelhouse Brewing Company in Paso Robles and is another one of my favorites.  They distribute in San Diego in limited quantities but I always come back with cases when I go home and I’m more than willing to share.

The final thing I’ll share with you today is Chowder, and I’m not talking about the soup.  It’s the name of my dog.  She’s a basset hound/labrador mix which combines to make a Bassador (picture what a lab looks like and put it on a basset hound’s body).  We will go on hikes or to the beach every weekend and keep each other outside and active.  She’s also a pretty big deal around Little Italy and I’m starting to think it’s going to her head.

So yeah, that’s a little about me and hopefully you feel that you know me a little better now.  I’m excited to be here at gap and hopefully I’ll get to know all of you a little better as well.  Feel free to stop by my desk in the back and say hi.  There’s a cupcake above my desk and I still don’t know why.