2011 is SO last year, am I right?

Here at GapU we’re super stoked to start planning all the fun/educational student activities for the duration of the new year. To kick things off, we’ve invited gap intelligence camera analyst extraordinaire, Scott Peterson to join our Board of Directors. Scott was voted People’s Choice at the 2011 Gappy Awards and we couldn’t be more pleased to have him aboard (no pun intended!). Get a load of this guy!

While nothing has been set in stone, current areas of focus at GapU have circled closely around competitive ping pong and/or air hockey, guest speakers to bring in outside knowledge, and outdoor adventures for all. We’re looking forward to some cool classes, fun parties, and spirited sports throw-downs. Ultimately, everyone here at gap is going to have a hard time avoiding a good time in between mind-blowingly awesome fits of data analysis.

Happy new year!