When it comes to an employee’s first couple of weeks at a new job there can be a lot of names to remember, an overload of information, and let’s face it – confusion as you try to learn the ropes. Although I won’t go as far to say that gap has completely eliminated all these issues that can arise during an onboarding process, we do work painstakingly hard to make sure it’s as easy as possible for new gappers. Managers work with the entire team to build out training schedules that focus on the development of the gapper, not just so they can absorb the daily tasks of their position but so they can work with the company as we work towards our overall goals and values. I think this is highlighted by the fact that within the first week of working at gap, new employees sit down with our ceo Gary Peterson to talk about why the company was started, what our values are and what our mission is as a company in a training session we call gap 101. We also give all new hires a “buddy”, which is a more seasoned employee that they can ask for help on a process if their manager is away or for something as simple as a suggestion for a cool lunch spot.

I could go on about what our process is but I believe it speaks more of the onboarding we do if we see what some of the newer additions to the gap intelligence team have to say now that they’ve successfully navigated their first couple of months.

First Impressions

Jon Vu, Data Operations
"My first impression of gap was everyone here was driven and passionate about their jobs. To me, it seemed like everyone actually wanted to be here. I love what gap does as a company because I am a tech geek and perform market research on my free time anyways. The way gap operates is very efficient, and gappers are actually friends, not just coworkers, so it makes the office environment lively. As for me, my initial job function had me familiarize myself with ecommerce data for TVs and learn to work around a spreadsheet."

Darrick Suen, Data Operations
"I was very impressed overall at the structure and organization at gap and the openness and transparency of the leaders within the company. During the first week, seeing the department managers and heads make time to walk me through each of their own roles and how they contribute to the company not only taught me about the value and roles of each department but also connected me to them. I also appreciated the step-by-step approach to handing me my job functions and responsibilities over time as it very well eased me into my position."

gappers at the beach

After Being Around the Block

Dani Rachford, Analyst
"I have a much better concept of what we do here, but still know that I have a lot to learn. What is fun and interesting about gap is that the more you scratch away at your particular job role, the more there is waiting underneath to learn and grow. Everyone is very accepting and willing to teach. The onboarding is smooth and easy. The cultural events make feeling comfortable with co-workers much faster than most companies. gap is rad."

Krissy Broome, Data Operations
"Now I can not only give a more thorough explanation for how and why gap intelligence operates the way it does, but I can give in depth examples of, for instance, how my work as a Desktops Data Opper is personally used by the likes of Acer, Lenovo, HP, and Dell. Most importantly, I was relieved to know that my first real 'desk job' as a Data Opper did not fall into the stereotype of those 9-to-5 mind-numbing office jobs I hear stories about. I actually feel (and know) that the efforts I put into my work here matter and make a difference to this company and its clients."

gap intelligence happy hour

Being new to the gap intelligence team there are a lot of processes to learn and standards to uphold. We want people who can be passionate about our culture and our GFD and when we find them we definitely want to make sure that they’re aware of how invested we are in how they grow into their roles here.