As I close in on my one year anniversary here at gap intelligence, I can say without a doubt that gap is an organization that truly exemplifies a ‘values-led’ company. Passion, ownership, professionalism, transparency, and willingness to change in a dynamic environment are the key values vital to the success of our business model.

From day one, it was transparent that gap is not the sort of work place where employees mindlessly punch a time clock and then go home each day. There is a greater sense of community among employees and desire to be part of a team that includes philanthropy, group learning, and overall wellness in health and sporting activities.

Passionate About Our Community

Drives for Rides golf tournament donations check

One of the (many) items that piqued my interest in working for gap, was the overwhelming sense of community within the organization. As a first year team member of the 3T’s committee (Time, Talent, & Treasure), I had the pleasure to be a part of the Fourth Annual Drives for Rides Golf Tournament. All proceeds from the tournament go to the Emilio Nares Foundation, a local non-profit who assists families of children with cancer in getting to and from doctor appointments through the duration of treatment. It was incredible to witness a large group of people more than willing to donate their time and energy to put together a successful event for such a wonderful cause. Exceeding our fundraising goal $40,000 for the Foundation, shows the drive, dedication, and character of the entire company to look outside themselves and focus on something that will change the lives of families forever.

Ownership of Building a Better Company

gap intelligence 2016 yearly kickoff meeting

Our people take ownership in their ability to build a better company. This includes the various group learning programs offered within the company such as our gapMBA program, gapU, and our annual gapCon. As a currently ‘enrolled’ student of the gapMBA program, I have had the opportunity to participate in a learning environment which aims to build leadership skills, accountability, decision making, and feedback. The interactive nature of the course allows each employee to share their own experiences and knowledge in getting positive results. gapU classes give employees with a particular interest or talent (from Star Wars to Excel spreadsheets) the opportunity to share their knowledge among the group. gapCon is our annual conference that allows teams within the organization to communicate through collaborative learning and share visions for future success.

Step Away From Your Desk!

Fighting Hedgehogs beach volleyball team

gappers embrace overall wellness and health so much that we even won the San Diego Business Journal's award for San Diego's Healthiest Company! A well-deserved award, gappers are encouraged to get up from their desks each day. Whether it’s going to yoga, attending a group exercise class, playing on our volleyball team, or simply hanging out in our super cool lounge area, the importance of taking a break to energize your body and mind strengthens our abilities to accomplish our goals.

In summary, it is so easy for me to praise gap for being a company that practices what they preach. I see it every single day. It comes in the form of a quick response to a question, attention to detail, respect of each other’s time, willingness to help/teach, positive attitudes, a sense of urgency to complete tasks, and leading by example. I look forward to all of the great things gap will accomplish over the years both within the industry and the community.