The sand was hot but the Gap University Fighting Hedgehogs were hotter.   They proved their athletic prowess in the Vavi 4v4 co-ed Beach Volleyball league in Ocean Beach.  Although the competition was tough (for a social league), the Hedgehogs were able to extend their winning streak by 2 games, putting their overall record to 2-0-0.  The Hedgehogs started the first match down 1 game but battled back, winning the second two games to ultimately win the match.  The second match started off strong, with Gap U winning the first game but other team struck back in the second.  With fierce determination, the Hedgehogs prevailed in the end!  Although the team was riding high after two emotional wins, a couple of members of the Gap U team took time to answer a few questions.

Q: Did you think your team would come out today and dominate?

Natasha: Although we had never practiced beach volleyball before today I had total and utter faith in my teammates.  Josh and Gary came up with some big plays at the net and Keenan had some terrific serves.  Katie’s digs were unbelievable and Super-Sub Liana came in at the end and did a great job!  I think we proved today that we are not a team to mess with.

Q: What are a few key factors to your team’s success?

Katie:  Being that it’s beach volleyball, spandex pants and hats with the brim flipped up are obviously key.  Also maybe hard work, communication, team work, and Herbie.

Q: What was the highlight of the games today?

K: I think taking a direct hit to the head was one of the highlights.  I also enjoyed diving into the sand, getting dirty, and spiking balls on the other teams.

N: Our two biggest supporters, Patton and Jack (they are both dogs) dug one of the biggest holes I have ever seen.  It was seriously impressive.  Also, I really enjoy winning and our team’s ruthless spirit and win-at-all-costs attitude was definitely a highlight for me.  Go Gap U!

Katie and Natasha then left the beach and headed to the team after party at South Beach Bar & Grille to enjoy some tacos and bask in their wins.

Photos courtesy of Scott Peterson, GapU Photog.