gap intelligence?s first headquarters was actually a donated cubicle from

, a friend?s company that had extra warehouse space (and original headquarters) in the East Village of downtown San Diego.

The office on 365 15th Street was a perfect start for the business ? the company had an official sounding downtown address, rent was dirt cheap, and the neighborhood?s debilitated state encouraged me to stay indoors behind a computer.

From the East Village, gap intelligence moved to a modest facility located in Pacific Beach, California. The Garnet Street office was walking distance for me and was big enough to allow the company to grow a staff. The PB office is still my favorite as the laid back beach community provided constant sidewalk entertainment.

The old office was next door to a music store filled with practicing guitarists, and a block away from an ice cream scoop shop. As fun as it was to walk out of the office, surf board in tow to the beach, we eventually outgrew 1380 Garnet Avenue Suite G.

In 2006 we moved to a classic Victorian house on 3300 Third Avenue in Banker?s Hill, a small neighborhood that laid tangent to Balboa Park. I instantly fell in love with the old 1912 house, because of its classic look, elegant woodwork, and the fact that it was NOT an office.

For the past two years, gap intelligence literally worked out of a home, my office was once a bedroom, we had a full kitchen, patio, back yard, a (non working fireplace) and two porches. While the comforts and informality of working in a big ole? house in Banker?s Hill were numerous, the 1912 mansion had a few shortcomings ? like air conditioning, heat, carpets, power grids, phone lines, data cables, bad plumbing, and the occasional rat.

Sadly the old building will not be missed.

Today gap intelligence is proud to announce that the company?s corporate world headquarters has returned to downtown San Diego, California. We are now located at 701 C Street (a good 20 blocks away from 15th and K) on the third floor (the top floor).

The building is located just a block away from San Diego?s famous Gas Lamp District, a stones throw from Little Italy, and walking distance to the Zoo.

The new building here on the top floor (we are the only occupants of the floor) is a huge upgrade over the house. We have more desktop space than we know what to do with, our own elevator, a reception area, an authentic conference room, and most importantly – a heater.

We are thrilled that the move is now over and we can get back to the business of market intelligence.

The city is bursting with activity, the trolleys are passing through, and we are in the middle of it all.

Please give us the opportunity to show off our new digs ? clean carpets and seal tight faucets included.

Third Floor

San Diego, California 92101