It?s a bit late, but for the sake of documenting it, gap intelligence went to the horse races at the Del Mar Race Track a few weeks ago. The entire company and a gaggle of friends, some 30 people in all, spent the afternoon in southern California sun yelling at horses running in a circle.

I for one love the track. The atmosphere, the tiny little jockeys, and magnificent horses provide hours of thrilling entertainment. The horses? names themselves make for some eventful conversation, such as these gems that won the day we attended.

Diva Dolly


Deb?s Mojo

Flash dance

Lunch Money

Scream Gem


Nasty Gent

Winning Yield


Athenry, for example, is an Irish Gaeilge word that means ?Ford of the King?. Athenry is a small town in Ireland just east of Galway City and is subject of the infamous song ?The Fields of Athenry?. Athenry the horse is from Ireland and the Irish are known for two things: leprechauns and winning turf races. Unfortunately, I didn?t bet on Athenry.

I also admire horse racing because everyone can become an expert on the ponies in about 5 minutes.

My personal technique is to ignore the odds, odds makers, and track experts and go by a completely made up system. First I look at the jockey and if he weighs over 118 pounds, he is out of contention.

Next, I check to see if the horse has raced within the last 6 weeks, if not the horse is probably lazy and it?s out of contention. Finally, I look and see how the horse placed in its previous race and if it?s in the top 3 ? there is my bet. For the record, never take my advice on horse betting because I didn?t win a single race.

The best tip I can give for horse racing success is to follow gap intelligence?s newest employee, Nicole, around the track.

Nicole was kind enough to throw away her only winning ticket, which netted some lucky scavenger a cool $20.