American’s love Google and the Chinese people made it obvious that they support Google by going to the company’s Chinese headquarters last week and leaving flowers, lit candles, and signs of encouragement.  The impact of Google on this generation is incalculable, but do you believe Google is as heroic as the news is leading you to believe?  Or do you think they are simply avoiding the losses and hassles they would incur by staying?  They did not stand up courageously in the beginning when they thought there was money to be made.  Now, however, Google is willing to stand up for itself, and hopefully, the Chinese people will also have the courage to do the same.  As the old saying goes, “Better late than never,” but I can not help wondering if its courage on Google’s part or is it cowardice.

Regardless of their motivations or tardiness, one thing is certain, it feels good the have Google fighting for the good guys.  I have always considered Google to be one of the corporate good guys, especially in an environment consisting of Madoffs, Enrons, bailouts, and bonuses.  We will have to wait to see how everything plays out in the coming weeks or months, but rest assured readers, GAP is in China, GAP is staying in China, and GAP will continue to provide the most accurate, uncensored market intelligence from China.

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