Just when I thought the infiltration of corporate logos has reached its pinnacle; a former magician from Alabama has come up with a machine that creates logo-shaped clouds. Perfect.

The clouds, called

, are made up of small air and helium-filled bubbles and can reach 4-feet wide, travel 30 miles, and float 20,000 feet high. Branding trailblazer Disney will be the first company to use the new advertising technique and plans to release Mickey Mouse-head Flogos over Walt Disney World next month. Mickey will pay just $3,500 to rent the machine that will amaze and entertain the millions of people who are currently waiting in line.

Flogos probably won?t surpass William Rufus De Vane King as Alabama?s most famous product, but I try not to underestimate the value that companies place on branding or viral marketing.