Here at gap intelligence, we are excited to announce the forthcoming addition of two new cards and tools to our cloud-based application accessible through These two offerings expand our online toolset to include new ways to interact with our advertisement and product presence GFD.

Using Ad Snapshot, customers will be able to view advertisement share summary for any given week. The Product Presence tool will allow users to view both weighted and non-weighted shelf share based on the number of retail placements. Both applications will include the ability to filter assortments, choose a custom date range, view online visualizations, and export both the chart and raw data.

product presence

The two new tools join Merchant Pricing Trends, Custom Data Downloads, and Weekly Market Intelligence Analysis on the gap intelligence dashboard and will be available to all current subscribers with a gap intelligence Data Center login in the coming weeks. To learn more about what is currently available on, check out my previous blog!

The expansion of our software applications further allows us to provide our clients with the insights, tools, and GFD necessary to make smart decisions. Look for the official launch of these new additions in mid-October! Login to your account today to access our GFD!