At gap intelligence our “Why” is centered around doing great. We pride ourselves on doing great for each other, our clients, and our community. Part of doing great for our community is working towards a more equitable San Diego in part by sharing and supporting Black-Owned businesses. As a member of our product development team I wanted to highlight four awesome tech (or tech related) companies owned by POC in San Diego doing big things across the city and beyond.

Ensunet Technology Group

Founded by Paul Robinson in 2008, Ensunet provides a range of IT enterprise architecture solutions. Ensunet specializes in post-merger integration in the fast paced world of mergers and acquisitions servicing clients across the United States, Central America, and the Asia-Pacific region. Their core values of accountability, integrity, teamwork, service, and growth as well as their mission to empower the quality of their customers’ lives with transformative technology solutions, delivered by a team committed to outstanding service is absolutely something gap can get behind.


surgical face masks


In 2018 Dr. Steven C. Moyo, MD started Welfie, a company striving to help people manage the health of their company, clinic or community with health screening, tracking, and monitoring. This year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic Welfie has turned their focus to getting folks back to work and school as safely as possible. Their program helps prepare businesses with symptom screening and contact tracing, provides them access to quality certified supplies to prevent virus spread, and protect themselves with up to date COVID-19 data and analytics. We love love love to see other companies using their expertise to do great for our community and Welfie is an excellent example of doing just that.

We Tha Plug

Led by Luis Martinez, WeTha Plug started in early 2019 as a meetup group with a mission to raise the awareness of innovation in Black and Latino communities in technology and create an ecosystem for entrepreneurs from grassroots to professional levels. Their 1000/100/10 initiative seeks to help 1000 POC launch/start a Tech and Innovation Company, 100 POC find jobs in Tech and Innovation, as well as, programming to train them to get hired by that same 1000 POC they help launch, and visit 10 Cities across the United States and abroad to raise awareness around their purpose. I encourage everyone to give them a follow on Instagram where they’ve been doing some great interviews with various entrepreneurs from their community regarding their experiences during the COVID-19 crisis.


San Diego Code School

More often than not, in order to create great tech you need great engineers and San Diego Code School provides an opportunity for folks to become just that. SDCS is an immersive FullStack JavaScript coding bootcamp aiming to help people transition into technical careers. They have implemented a new model of mob programming in which students work as a team to tackle learning and communicating technically to solve real-world problems. Founder Mike Roberts is an active member of the San Diego Coding Community and I’ve personally heard nothing but great things about him from some of our very own developers.

These are just a few of San Diego’s many Black-Owned businesses. Building an equitable San Diego requires consistency and sustained supportive action. I encourage everyone to make doing great for our community a priority by checking out these and other POC-Owned local businesses and make consistent and conscious decisions to support them regularly. Learn more by visiting:

Central San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce
Buy Black SD