All About that Data

For those that don’t know gap intelligence, we provide our clients with insights and details on placements, prices, and promotions for every product found at every major retailer, every week. This data is critical in helping our clients keep track of their competitor’s activities, but it is also a huge amount of data to process and sort through to find the answers they need.

While our data is known throughout the industry for its accuracy and comprehensiveness, it isn’t relevant unless it is delivered effectively. Fortunately, our new cloud-based system available on allows our customers to create whatever customized view they need. Once created, they just click a single button to update their report with the most recent week’s data!

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Most Active SKU Report

In addition to our cloud-based platform, I’m also excited about our new “Most Active SKU Report,” which we created for TVs as a test category. This report allows our clients to quickly view the TVs most likely to generate significant sales based on how well they were placed, priced, and promoted in the retail channel during the previous week.

In short, we combined the most important aspects we track for a given TV SKU and display it all in one place. We also use the comprehensive data points we collect to narrow down the hundreds of TVs currently in the retail channel and provide only those that should have significant sales in a given week. This is based upon the 80/20 rule where we know that 80% of sales are typically generated by 20% of products.

Here’s a snapshot for some of the most active TVs during the week of 10/30/16:

MAS Report

We’ve always been the king when it comes to content and we’ve now aced the delivery for a hand that is hard to beat!