In light of the extraordinary happenings in the world, I’d like to give you an update on gap intelligence operations and how we intend to support you and your teams during the weeks to come.

First and foremost, we at gap intelligence will continue our Mission to “Do Great for Each Other, Our Clients, and Our Community.”

Do Great for Each Other

We are Doing Great for Each Other by working from home. gap intelligence has historically had a very flexible “work from home” policy, which is now enforced company wide. Our San Diego headquarters is still open, taking phone calls, faxes, and deliveries. Our team can also be reached directly via their mobile phone numbers, which have been added to their email auto signatures.

Finger pushing remote button on computer keyboard

Do Great for Our Clients

We are Doing Great for Our Clients by continuing our services and being an additional resource of help and support. gap intelligence data and reports will continue to be delivered on time and the team is still available for support on projects, questions, and insights.

As retail stores close nationwide and quarantines become more restrictive, we may shift our collection methodologies to best capture and represent what is happening in retail stores, which will be regularly communicated to our clients.

Our great team has the willingness and capacity to focus on what is important to YOU. Your team’s focus may be greatly different in the weeks to come and we’re here to help execute on those plans and report on what is important. We will reach out to you and ask what is most impactful to your team and ask that you contact us for help. We have your back.

gap employees having fun at work

Do Great for Our Community

The foundation of gap intelligence is the understanding that we as a company are responsible to better our community. In light of COVID-19, we are responsible to “flatten the curve” of this virus by working from home, staying healthy, and making smart decisions. By giving you the right information and being a resource that keeps you and your team from visiting a store and scheduling an in-person meeting, then we are Doing Great for Our Community.

We are all in this together.

– Gary Peterson, CEO