As I was racing through the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center during this years CES show, something caught my ?parental? eye. I rarely get a chance to stop and look at all the gadgets, since we?re typically racing from one meeting to another. However, as the father of a 3 year old boy, who is always on the run, this new product from Lok8u, LTD, stopped me in my tracks.

It?s a GPS child locator that secures to a child?s wrist and looks like a digital watch.

If the watch is forcibly removed from the child?s wrist, an alert is sent to designated mobile phone and/or email address with the child?s location.

Some other interesting features include:

– You can locate your child by sending the text ?wru? to NuM8 from a mobile phone.

– You can locate your child by clicking ?where r you? from the Lok8u secure portal.

– You can set up ?safe zones? where your child can safely play.

Right now my son is still pretty content having Mom and Dad close by. However, as he gets older and begins to spread his wings of independence, how can we have the peace of mind of knowing he?s safe while out playing with his friends, going to the beach or shopping at the mall?

The world I grew up in is much different than the world we live in today. In fact, over 800,000 persons were reported missing in 2006, and 80% of those were juveniles according to the FBI?s National Crime Information Center.

That?s a staggering number and probably every parent?s worst nightmare.

So I guess the big question is; what does all this cost?

– the WATCH ? approximately 149 Euros

– the monthly SERVICE charge –

4.99 to 19.99 Euros

– the ?piece of mind? of knowing your child?s location ? PRICELESS