One year ago, I started a journey with gap intelligence. On March 1, 2017, gap intelligence celebrated its 14th birthday and coincidentally marked my 1 year anniversary with the company. We marked our 14th birthday with a day full of fun activities from a catered lunch to a gappy hour at Liberty Station's Dirty Birds. There were even a few birthday gifts bestowed to the office (pictured below). With one full year officially under my belt, I found myself reflecting on all of the lessons I learned in this first year being part of the gap team. One of gap intelligence’s core values is ‘Willingness’ and what that means to us is to embrace and drive change. I have seen this first hand here at gap and it has been among the most noteworthy parts of my year.

Office Birthday gifts.

Change Is Essential

Embracing and driving change oftentimes involves getting down to the nitty and the gritty. While it calls for sacrifice, selflessness, and an element of risk taking, I have learned that it is essential and necessary for both personal and corporate growth. As a market research company, we track fast paced industries such as smartphones, home appliances, smart wrist wearables, and more. As a result of the ever-changing economic and technological landscape, our clients’ needs are always evolving. A recent shift to our data delivery is marked by the introduction of our Dashboard. Historically, clients had to receive and manipulate our data through our Excel-based Pricing & Promotions Report. The new Dashboard allows clients to combine data from different categories that they are subscribed to, view only the data points that they want, and generate longer trends. This makes our data easier to use and more accessible – both things that our busy clients benefit from.

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Practicing What We Preach

With ‘Willingness’ as one of our core values, gap intelligence fosters an environment that encourages one to spearhead changes within the company. Within our Data Operations department alone, there have been many changes big and small. We track these changes through a Continuous Product Improvement process so we can celebrate the wins that these improvements bring. I have personally had the opportunity to work on new projects and special requests such as integrating all of our historical data into our database, which now fuels the Dashboard, as well as train new gappers how we do what we do!

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gap intelligence has given me many lessons and opportunities in the past year. I am appreciative of the dedicated team that we have here and the focus on evolving what we do, professional development, and at the end of the day, getting results to better serve our clients.