I am delighted to inform you that after careful consideration by the Office of Admissions you have been accepted into gap University’s class of 2011.

I could weep with happiness. In-line with the goals and plans outlined in this year’s company kickoff, gap intelligence has created its own university in hopes of building a strong and united community by sharing ideas and skills in a fun and creative way. More simply put: gap wants to increase its awesomeness so it started a fake/real university!

You might be wondering what I mean when I say that gapU is “fake/real?” Well my gentle readers, gapU is not an accredited educational facility, but it does offer a number of classes to gap intelligence employees on topics ranging from Ecom QC practices to the basics of photography. Totally awesome, right? It gets better. gapU also boasts an athletics department complete with a volleyball team and surf club, as well as its own fraternity Gamma Alpha Phi.

gapU’s most recent educational exploit involved one Liana Hill and the fundamentals of baking. Liana taught her eager students the basic necessities for any baking pantry, basic tools of the trade, and ingredient-combination techniques.

After class students got to try their hand at cookie decoration. Keenan learned how to make Royal Icing:

Great job, Keenan! There was one unexpected mishap though. In the excitement of the knowledge-acquiring office He-Man, Tom Young accidentally popped one of the icing bags!

It was a near catastrophe! Some people just don’t know their own strength. Stay tuned for more educational fun from gapU!