Happy Fall! Just one year after launching the dashboard on gapintelligence.com, we wanted to celebrate the anniversary by bringing our customers something new! These new offerings build on our current offerings and bring gap intelligence's data to life in new, interactive ways. What’s new on gap intelligence’s Dashboard:

  • Two new cards have been added that bring gap’s data to life
  • The Product Presence card helps you get a quick view of the past and current breakdown of the retail space
  • The Advertisement Share card shows advertisement activity for any week of data
  • Tools for Advertisement Share and Product Presence allow you to further dive into gap’s data and customize what you want to see
  • Ability to copy cards to create a view that provides the most insight for each individual
  • A new layout shows off our new offerings while keeping all of the existing functionality within reach

Grab a comfy chair and a pumpkin spice latte and read below to learn all about the new cards and tools now available at dashboard.gapintelligence.com.

Product Presence

One of the two new cards, the Product Presence card, shows you retail shelf share for one or two categories broken down by Brand, Merchant or Product Type. From the card, you are able to choose different categories, date ranges, and slicers as well as toggle between a pie, bar, or line chart. Click on the calendar to update time period to show retail presence numbers for the selected dates.

Advertisement Share

The other brand new offering, the Advertisement Share card, shows you a breakdown of weekly advertisement activity for up to two categories. Colored tags at the top of the card reflect any filters applied. Choose to slice your pie or bar chart by Brand, Merchant, or Product type and watch the chart update instantaneously.

pie chart

another pie chart

Advertisement Share and Product Presence Tool

Click Customize this chart on either card to navigate to each tool where the current scenario is shown with the supporting data side by side. You can further customize your chart by filtering on specific merchants, brands, and specifications. The Product Presence card also allows you to toggle between weighted and unweighted retail store counts.

You are also able to export the chart image to put into a presentation or download the data directly from the tool to continue to leverage gap intelligence’s GFD.

Copy and Save What’s Important to You

Both the Advertisement Share and Product Presence cards can be copied and tweaked to create as many views of gap intelligence’s Ads and Placement data as your heart desires. Each unique scenario will save and show each time you log into the dashboard. Simply click on the top right corner to copy cards or delete a card if you’ve made one too many.

My Dashboard Looks Different

We’ve rearranged how the cards are shown on the dashboard to bring our newest offerings to our customers, but don’t worry! You still have all the same cards and tools with your saved reports and trends. Coming soon will be the ability to rearrange your cards the way you want to see them.

We hope you are as excited about these new cards and tool as we are! There are more enhancements and features we will be releasing in the future all with the end goal of making your job easier. So if you have questions about or feedback on any of our current offerings we’d love to hear from you. Login today and check out gap intelligence's new cards.