Hi Everybody!  My name is Nick Jordan and I just started working here at gap intelligence just a couple of months ago.  Apparently I wasn’t present for a short company meeting recently, so my boss/trainer/go-to-analyst-for-any-camera-related-questions, Scott Peterson, stood up and introduced everyone to “who Nick Jordan is.”

During my first few days here at gap intelligence, I told Scott I tried the famous 30-inch pizza-eating challenge at Luigi’s Pizza in Mission Beach.  Little did I know this would lead Scott to believe I was a competitive eater…  “Well Nick couldn’t be here today,” Scott began, “But here are a few things about him: His favorite color is blue, he brews his own beer, and he’s really into competitive eating.”  I have since cleared up this case of mistaken identity, but people around here still jokingly ask “so, how fast can you eat a whole watermelon?” or “How many hot dogs can you eat in 2 minutes!?”

The real Nick Jordan is actually mostly into sports, hiking, cooking, and brewing beer.

I was born in a small town in New Jersey, raised in Orange County (I’m a huge Angels fan), and moved down to San Diego to attend San Diego State University from 2006-2010.  Even after living in San Diego for just about 6 years, I don’t think I’ve come close to seeing and doing everything there is to do here.  This city has so much to offer and after landing a job with a great company like gap intelligence, I can’t imagine a better place for me than San Diego.  I’m excited for what my future holds here in San Diego and at gap intelligence!