What’s up blog fans, my name is Keenan Thomson and I recently joined on as Gap’s new Market Research Assistant. I’m originally from Cape Cod, MA, and I spent my time through high school and college in the New England area. I graduated from Babson College in ’08 with a degree in Business Management, and I’m especially interested in business development. Over the years I have helped family and friends start or grow their own businesses, and I’m excited to apply my entrepreneurial passion here as well.

I moved to San Diego at the beginning of February in need of a change and better weather. I enjoy anything that involves the outdoors. I’ve played lots of different sports throughout my life, and yes, I am a fan of any team from Boston.  Currently I’m playing for a local rugby club and I want to learn to surf; however, my real passion is fishing. During my last year in Boston I started my own business fishing for giant bluefin tuna (that’s the good stuff for you sushi lovers). I have yet to go out on the west coast, but I hope to make time this summer. My goal is to land a black marlin, Cabo anyone?


When I’m not working or enjoying time on the ocean you’ll find me tasting fresh dishes, watching a good movie, or looking for something new to try. I love sharing what I’m excited about and learning new things from others.

I feel extremely lucky to have found such a great place to work in a new city.  This isn’t just because it’s a really productive and fun place to work, but I’ve taken my love of burritos to the next level thanks to Deron, and my interest in surfing San Diego is finally a reality thanks to a loaner board from Jake.  I really look forward to getting to know my fellow Gappers better.  Everyone has made me feel at home, and I’m eager to help Gap continue its success!