At gap intelligence everyone is devoted to providing the best data and analysis possible to our clients. It's what we strive for everyday as a company. One of the coolest parts of our culture is that once you understand how you can play your part in our intricate web of data processes and deadlines, there are a variety of outlets that can push you to grow and contribute to our office in different, exciting ways. These outlets can be as frequent or intermittent as gappers need to make sure they can maintain a good work-life balance and are by no means a requirement, but instead an opportunity for those who are able and willing.

2016 gappy Holiday Card jumping picture.

Some Existing Programs…

You want to flex some interior design skills? Join the Inspiring Workplace Committee that looks for ways to improve the aesthetic and functionality of the office.

Are you interested in improving your communication and public speaking skills? There is a Toastmasters group that meets in our office every Friday afternoon.

Would you like to learn more management and leadership skills? We have a gapMBA group that meets with our CEO Gary Peterson to go over different techniques and tools that help managers (and their directs) succeed.

Do you want to help the local community? Join in some of the our 3T events or go a step further and join the committee that plans and organizes them.

Whats Next…

These groups don’t even make up all the extracurriculars gap intelligence employees have access to, all of which are great in different ways. But, there is one in particular that I think deserves a little bit of a spotlight. This year, gap intelligence started its very first internal Code School.

Code School! Let's do this!

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Our Code School is taught by gap’s own Senior Software Development Manager, Cailtin Goldman, who just so happened to write a stellar blog geared towards women and girls interested or just starting out in the world of computer science. Check it out here.  

The classes focus on giving gapper’s a fundamental understanding of ruby, html, and css so that they will be able to help our development team perform some routine tasks on a couple of our internal tools.  What are the benefits to this program? Not only will gap code school 101 will allow our developers to get some time back in their day as we create some development reinforcements within gap, but it also gives the opportunity for people interested in computer programming to learn new skills and grow their roles within the company towards those interests.

The first gappers to be in the code school are just a few weeks into the program and I don’t know if I can speak for everyone when I say this, but being so new into the world of coding feels like we’re just barely scratching the surface. However, I can say that it’s already given me enough perspective to have a lot of respect for all of our development team and all the work they’ve put into our tools and platforms. I’m definitely excited to continue learning the ropes and hopefully have some new skills to put to use soon, but for now I'm focusing on failing fast and continuing to improve my abilities.