For the second year running, gap intelligence has been participating in a little friendly competition revolving around fantasy football. With eight returning gappers, the league consisted of fourteen total gappers this year compared to last year’s ten. The season has been competitive and surprising, with playoff teams being announced only this morning:

Ranked number 1 seed, newbie-gapper and league commissioner Nick Jordan has had a very productive season with an eight-game winning streak and the best record in the league (10-3).

Jake Fishman, ranked 2nd seed, had a strong season with Tom Brady at the helm of his team and enters the playoffs with a 9-4 record.

Mike Broome, reigning champ Chris Barnes, and non-gapper Stan Hartzman (husband of gapper Karen Hartzman) are all holding 8-5 records with the number 3, 4, and 5 seeds, respectively.

Barely sliding in to the playoffs with the 6th, 7th, and 8th seeds are all three 7-6 record holders Deron Kershaw, yours truly, and Karen Hartzman.

With only two of us lady gappers making it into the playoffs (with the lowest seeds), I don’t expect us to go farther than the first round. This may still be a male dominated league, but I’m looking forward to my chances next season. Considering where I was last year (dead last), I’ve made quite a bit of progress and with any luck will have an even better 3rd season next year.

And if not, that’s fine too. All that really matters is the Denver Broncos winning the Super Bowl this year. Go Broncos!