Armin Heinrich’s short lived iPhone app called “I am rich” did nothing. The app didn’t give you directions, offer up a trivia game of any kind, or play music. Armin’s app did just one thing – display a jewel on your iPhone at a cost of $999.99. Essentially the app existed to be a simple way for rich people to show off wealth – dropping a cool grand on an app that does nothing but tell the world that you can drop a cool grand on an app. The “I am rich” app was removed after Apple received complaints and after about eight people (fools) bought it.

gap intelligence is proud to announce that the company has its own app called the (you guessed it) “gap app”. The “gap app” is not about to go to the iTunes stores (not yet, at least), therefore it’s not available to the public. Our iPhone / iPod app is actually being put into the field and used by our army of data collectors when visiting retail stores. In short, the gap app is our new data entry device that allows our collectors to record product pricing information, in-store promotions, and capture pictures of merchandising displays across the country. Using our “gap app”, data collectors can input pricing into their iPods and then wirelessly transfer the data from field, to our servers in the clouds, and down to our Systems Operations team here in San Diego (all wirelessly). Long term, the gap app will be deployed globally – as we can use the device in our retail store collections from Florida to China, Moscow to Dehli.

Though not immediately available to the public, copies of the gap app can be ordered individually for $999.99. Please make checks payable to “Gary Peterson” at 2448 Historic Decatur Road, Suite 105, San Diego, CA 92106.