gap intelligence is excited to announce an expansion to our online promotional collections, effective February 6, 2022. In an effort to capture a more complete view of online promotional activity at key merchants, and to make it easier to understand what data is available, we have created a tiered system for collections.

Merchants in Tier 1 include the top national merchants for our product categories. These merchants have a large impact on sales and pricing, and tracking their promotional activity adds valuable data. Therefore, we are adding weekly collection of available banner ads, daily deals, promo events, and member deals across all of our product categories at Tier 1 merchants:

gap intelligence online merchant tiers

Additionally, we will collect online banner ads across all of our product categories at our Tier 2 merchants, which will result in many more data points for these retailers. And for our Tier 3 merchants, we will continue to report on Shelf Price, Net Price, and Instant Savings values.

This significant expansion in our data collection necessitates a slight change in reporting cadence. All online promotional data will now be published in our Pricing & Promotions reports the week following their collection. For most of our product categories, this means the online data points will be published the Monday following the week in which it was collected (Wednesday for Home Appliance categories).

We are confident that the increase in promotional information and insights into competitive activity will bring you a fuller picture of the online market.

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