gap intelligence is pleased to announce a major expansion to the capabilities of the Merchant Pricing Trends tool available through our proprietary Dashboard platform. Clients can now create and subscribe to custom merchant pricing trends for categories that track and report pricing on a monthly basis. These include Ink and Laser Supplies in the US, as well as Western Europe categories that include Business Printers, Laser Supplies, and one of our newest European categories, Tablets and Detachables. This tool was previously only available for categories that track pricing on a weekly cadence.

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The Merchant Pricing Trends expansion allows manufacturers to better understand retailer-specific changes to pricing and promotional strategy within the reseller channel as supply shortages and inflation continue to impact multiple industries on a global scale. Clients now have the ability to view SKU-level pricing changes from month to month, with the option to select and view both shelf and net prices with promotional activity from competing brands at key merchants (e.g. Amazon, Best Buy, Office Depot, Staples, Target, and Walmart, among others). Trends are also downloadable in CSV format and users can choose to subscribe to custom trends based on the criteria that are most important to them, essentially allowing clients to create a “set it and forget it” pricing trend that refreshes automatically and arrives in your inbox each month. Additionally, users can gain a better understanding of long-term pricing strategy over three or more years with custom date range options.

Custom Use Case – Ink Supplies

In light of the ongoing supply shortages and fulfillment challenges plaguing a number of industries, many printer OEMs have implemented price increases on hardware and/or supplies. Specifically, gap intelligence has recorded portfolio-wide price increases on ink supplies from from HP and Brother, with raised prices on a smaller scale from Canon and Epson. gap intelligence’s Merchant Pricing Trends tool now allows clients to easily analyze how those increases have affected shelf and net prices in the reseller channel, enabling manufacturers to better understand their competitors’ positioning as well as the pricing strategy of their retailer partners. As inflation and rising costs continue to impact manufacturing industries, the data available within the Merchant Pricing Trends tool will play an increasingly crucial role in decisions around pricing strategy.


gap intelligence’s Merchant Pricing Trends tool offers users a dynamic way to create pricing trends that allow greater insights and deeper understanding of the market landscape in a rapidly changing economic environment. This enhancement expands the accessibility and functionality of the Merchant Pricing Trends tool to five additional categories, providing users with a new and versatile way to analyze and understand the market.

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