We gapians work hard and like to party even harder. So, when summer officially kicked in, Team gap intelligence went to the Delmar Race tracks –‘where the turf meets the surf’. Team gap intelligence is becoming a regular there, as this is our second visit to the track in the last two years, but for a few like me this was the first time.

The day started with working on getting our models pepped up for the Big Monday (Mondays are ALWAYS Big at gap). As soon as clock ticked 2.00PM, Team gap was out the door, heading to Santa FE station to take a train to the tracks. Yes, we are very serious about Mother Earth. This was also one of those rare moments where I really appreciated SoCal’s Public transportation system.

It is funny and interesting how activities and processes eventually come up with their own lingo and vocab. Just like Burst SKU’s, BTS, BTB, Pareto, 80-20, and Paradigm shift are used in market research, betting too has its own lingo!! So when I first went to place my bet at the counter, I was bombarded with words like Exacta, Trifecta, Trifecta Box, and on and on. At that time, I sure needed a translator or access to a horse betting glossary to understand these heavy jargons.

After a couple of races, Team Gap decided to put all its money jointly on a horse. It is always fun to do things together as one team and I have no complains about that at gap. Be it a tough work situation or having fun outdoors, we are always ‘One Team-One Gap’. So with some help from Team gap’s in-house horse expert, Josh, who not only knows his way around our price and promotions reports, but also learned a thing or two growing up down the road from Churchill Downs, gap intelligence placed its big bet on the last race of the day. And we won!

And here we are today thinking what to do with that $1,100 that we won?

Many of us who gulp down copious amounts of coffee are recommending getting a fancy Espresso machine, while a few want a WII gaming console for the breakroom. Some even suggest betting it all on another horse!!!

Overall, it was a good time and a fun way to welcome summer to California.