Last November, we added a pair of new applications to our online Dashboard platform. The two new applications, called “Cards”, serve as simple, efficient, and fast resources for our clients to make our Product Placement and Promotions data come to life. With the addition of our new Advertisement Share and Product Presence Cards, our Dashboard now covers all Four Ps of the marketplace including pricing, promotions, placements, and products.

Based on client feedback, our hardworking development team has launched a number of enhancements that make Dashboard an even more valuable tool to our clients. I am sure that you’re as excited about these enhancements as I am, but just don’t know how these improvements can help your day-to-day and week-to-week. Well, I’m glad you asked!

Let’s say that you are a Product Manager and must keep a keen eye on advertising trends of competitive products at three high volume resellers. After you create a 13-month trend line that automatically refreshes with weekly data, you are so happy that you want to rename it. Can you do that on Dashboard? Yes you can!


  • Can create trend lines as long as 13-months

  • Filter by product and specification types

  • Customize chart titles

  • Export to PDF and .xls

Next you’re an Account Manager with a Home Appliance manufacturer. A good percentage of Home Appliances offered in-store are “Tag Only”, meaning that a display model is not available on the floor, though inventory is in the back room. This poses a challenge to understand how much floor space you actually own verus what is “tagged”. Can you find that out on Dashboard? Yes you can!


  • Filter by “Tag Only” products

  • Easily switch from column Charts, pie charts, and trendlines

  • Card automatically updates itself with fresh data each week for easy reference

Finally, you’re a Research Manager and tasked to find out why your sales are going up and down. To do so you’ll need to generate a trend that combines pricing, advertisements, and promotion discounts that can be mashed up with your sales numbers. Once you have created this Merchant Trend Line, you’re so excited that you want to share it with a colleague. Can you do that in Dashboard? Yes you can!


  • Combine shelf price, with advertising and promotions

  • Receive weekly updates of your own trendline by subscribing to it

  • Share customized trendlines with co-workers

All of our new enhancements are the result of client feedback. Though we’ll continue to be proactive in getting feedback from our clients, we very much rely on your thoughts directly. Permanently fixed in the bottom right hand corner of our Dashboard is a red Feedback button. Give it a click, tell us how we can make our online Dashboard better, and watch the innovation unfold. We would love to hear from you!

Give it a click!