gap intelligence’s work with Felix Tintelnot, Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago, may have started modestly but it ended up becoming front page news and helped spread public awareness of how tariffs actually impact consumer prices and US jobs. Felix first contacted gap intelligence in mid-2018 with a unique opportunity to collaborate on an economic study designed to illustrate the impact of tariffs on washing machine imports. Throughout the course of ten months, we worked in partnership as our data came to life to illustrate the economic ramifications of imposed policy.

The study, “The Production Relocation and Price Effects of U.S. Trade Policy: The Case of Washing Machines,” leveraged our retail pricing data to determine that washing machines and dryer price points rose by nearly 12% since the tariffs were announced in January 2018. Fueling an economic study is yet another new way that gap intelligence data can be leveraged to provide deep and powerful insights. We are proud to contribute to this timely, relevant, and economically impactful study that has been picked up by more than fifty news outlets. Check out some of the press highlights below.

New York Times

New Your Times Article

Wall Street Journal

Wallstreet Journal Article

Washington Post

Washington Post Article


Huffpost Article

NBC News

NBC News Article

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