It’s vacation season! Hopefully you all have enjoyed some well deserved rest and relaxation this summer. I for one spent the 100 year anniversary of the National Park System at our nation’s oldest park — Yellowstone National Park. It had been more than 20 years since I had last visited Yellowstone, and I had almost forgotten just how amazing, and just how huge this place is — almost 3,500 square miles, which is about 13 million times bigger than the square footage at gap intelligence headquarters in San Diego. And though Yellowstone has about 100% more bears, wolves, waterfalls, and geysers than gap intelligence, there are still some notable commonalities between the two places.

World's Most Respected

While gap intelligence strives to be the world’s most respected business intelligence services and platform company, Yellowstone is already, arguably, the world’s most respected national park. It has a Grand Canyon, it abounds with wildlife, it has multi-colored springs that look like the surface of another planet, and of course, it has the most famous geyser in the world, Old Faithful, which spews up to 8,400 gallons of boiling water up to 185 feet high 16 times a day.

Old Faithful Geyser


Just as impressive as the spectacle of an Old Faithful geyser eruption is its predictability — about once every 90 minutes (within about a 10 minute window).

It’s a great model of reliability — a lot like the services provided to the clients of gap intelligence! Week in and week out, our diligent teams of industry and data analysts crunch millions of data points to deliver key insights and offer a unique, unbiased perspective to help guide industries through change and help explain the why. And unlike some market intelligence firms, gap intelligence delivers this incredibly timely and accurate content on the same day and virtually the same time each week, within about 10 minutes — just like Old Faithful!

Along my week-long drive through the 300+ miles of roads throughout the Park, I encountered another reliable certainty: road construction! According to years of my own research, summer road construction remains as one of life’s most immutable facts.

Chris’s Ranking of Life’s Reliable Certainties

1. Death
2. Taxes
3. gap intelligence reports delivered each week
4. Summer road construction in Yellowstone
5. Someone you know is currently playing Pokémon GO


New Releases

And here is yet another striking similarity worth noting: gap intelligence too has been under construction. Our teams have been working extremely hard this year to deliver timely and accurate market intelligence in an increasing number of ways, striving to provide our data in any way or form that our clients wish to consume it.

New gap intelligence Deliverables Include:

  • New Excel Reports!
  • New Standardized Flat Files!
  • New Customer API!

And in just a few weeks, gap intelligence will launch a new web-based client dashboard on that will revolutionize how clients use our data. In Yellowstone terms, this would be like building teleporter stations between San Diego and Old Faithful. You could still spend the time to get there the old fashioned way, but why wouldn’t you want to get your reliable gap intelligence data, on demand, in the most convenient and efficient way possible?

I’ll try not to spoil the surprise any more than I already have, so just stay tuned. You should be hearing from us again very, very soon. And until then, happy trails!