For gap intelligence, product pricing is our bread and butter. We search hundreds of online sites, retail locations, and advertisements every week to provide our clients with the most current and accurate pricing for categories across a range of products including printers, computers, consumer electronics, home appliances, and more. What we’ve learned, however, is that not all pricing is created equal. Some prices are far more valuable than others, but also extremely hard to get access to.

As a data specialist for the gap intelligence US MFP-Copier service, I collect public sector pricing through contracts that are available on government and state sites and gather private sector dealer pricing through contracts submitted by members of our gap Dealer Program. However, MFP Copier wholesale pricing, or the price that the manufacturer offers directly to the dealer, has remained elusive for years. Luckily, gap intelligence doesn’t shy away from challenges.

Enter the US MFP-Copier Dealer Cost Report

A year ago, we launched the US MFP-Copier Dealer Cost Report, featuring wholesale pricing for hardware, options, and supplies from all major US MFP-Copier vendors. This report has been highly successful as it features valuable, hard to get pricing and provides key insights into competitive and benchmark channel pricing and margins.

Based on the success of the US Dealer Cost Report, gap intelligence set its sights on international expansion, and is preparing to publish a UK version of the Dealer Cost Report. Similar to its US sibling, the new UK MFP-Copier Dealer Cost Report features wholesale pricing for hardware, options, and supplies for several vendors that sell through the UK dealer channel.

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The international expansion of one of gap intelligence’s most successful services of 2015 is a big deal, and we are excited to bring the same insights into the UK dealer channel wholesale costs and margins. In case you need more reasons to be excited about this new service, we’ve outlined some specifics below:

Complete Product Portfolios

The UK MFP-Copier Dealer Cost Report features wholesale pricing on over 300 dealer channel-targeted products, ranging from A4 Small Workteam SFPs and MFPs to all A3 MFP and SFP segments, and deep into the production segments.

Up-to-Date Pricing

Timeliness is a core component of our pricing value proposition. The UK MFP-Copier Dealer Cost Report stays true to this part of the gap Hedgehog, with all wholesale price lists published in early 2016 or late 2015 and feature the most current products and wholesale prices in the UK dealer channel.

Wholesale Pricing Tiers

Understanding that different size dealers buy at different wholesale price levels, the UK MFP-Copier Dealer Cost Report details pricing across each manufacturer’s partner tiers, whether they are the standard dealer costs typically offered to smaller dealers or premium level wholesale pricing offered to larger dealers.

Analysis of Discounts off MSRP

To provide value beyond individual MFP Copier pricing, the UK MFP-Copier Dealer Cost Report also features wholesale price discounts off MSRP based on market segment and brand. These tables provide a broader look into how manufacturer’s benchmark price all dealer-channel segments compared to other manufacturers, as well as how each segment’s average wholesale price, exclusive of brand, compares to its average MSRP.

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Rare = Valuable

“We’ve never seen anything like this…” said just about every manufacturer that has subscribed to the US MFP-Copier Dealer Cost Report over the last year. The same will be true for our UK Dealer Cost Report clients. This information is truly rare, providing clients a unique competitive advantage when managing their channel pricing, and making the UK MFP-Copier Dealer Cost Report something they can’t afford to ignore.

Interested yet? You should be.

gap intelligence will officially launch the UK MFP-Copier Dealer Cost Report report on March 21, 2016.